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Search the graph and return all nodes as list (this will not contain any edges)



Search the graph and return the matching nodes as list. A section can be defined (defaults to / == root) to interpret relative property paths. Example: is(volume) and (reported.age>23d or desired.clean==true or metadata.version==2)


Path Parameters

    graph_id stringrequired

    The identifier of the graph

    Example: fix

Query Parameters

    section string

    Possible values: [reported, desired, metadata]

    The name of the section used for all property paths. If not defined root is assumed.

    with-kind boolean

    Include the kind of the node in the result node.

    count boolean

    Default value: true

    Optional parameter to get a Ck-Element-Count header which returns the number of returned json elements

    at date-time

    The timestamp to use for the search. If not defined the latest version of the graph is used.


The search to perform



The result of this search in the defined format


  • Array [

  • kind string

    The kind of this node.

  • ]