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cleanup_aws_loadbalancers Plugin

This plugin cleans up AWS ALB/ELB load balancers with no instances attached to them.


In fixsh execute

> config edit fix.worker

and find the following section

# Enable plugin?
enabled: false
# Minimum age of unused load balancers to cleanup
min_age: '7 days'

The default load balancer age is 7 days. Meaning if a load balancer is more than 7 days old and does not have any instances/backends attached it will be flagged for cleanup.

Optionally change the age cutoff value using the min_age option.

Example of valid age units:


Each of them can be abbreviated down to one letter. E.g. 7d, 24h, 60m, etc. A space in between the numeric and the unit is optional, meaning 7d and 7 days are equivalent.