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Version: 4.0.2


Fix Inventory comes with a powerful search engine.

It allows you to perform a full-text search to find resources without having to know the exact name of the property. You can filter results using powerful filter criterias and traverse the graph using graph traversals. Make sure to read how to sort and limit the results.

The result of a search can be aggregated, so valuable insights can be created from the underlying resource data.

Fix Inventory allows for merging nodes, which can be a useful in case the information is not part of the node itself but in a reachable node nearby. It also allows filtering results with a certain graph structure using the with clause.

Searching Snapshots

You can search a specific Fix Inventory Rewind asset inventory graph snapshot by prefixing a search with the graph=<graph-name> filter:

> graph=snapshot-fix-hourly-20230618T210000Z search is(instance) | count
total matched: 12
total unmatched: 0

Alternatively, you can provide the --at flag to the search command to search at a specific point in time. Fix Inventory will find the asset inventory graph snapshot that is closest to the specified time.

The --at flag takes either a timestamp or a relative time:

> search is(instance) --at 2023-06-18T21:00:00Z | count
total matched: 12
total unmatched: 0
> search is(instance) --at 1w | count
total matched: 12
total unmatched: 0