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job update Command

The job update command updates a job.


job update --id <id> [--schedule <cron_expression>] [--wait-for-event <event_name>] [--timeout <seconds>] <command>


ParameterDescriptionRequired?Default Value
commandCLI command that will be executed when the job is triggered *✔️

* It is recommended to either surround the command with single quotes (') or escape special characters such as pipes (|) or semicolons (;). Multiple commands can be delimited using semicolons.


--id <id>Job identifier✔️
--schedule <cron_expression>The schedule as a cron expression
--wait-for-event <event_name>Waits for the specified event to occur (if defined in conjunction with the --schedule option, the schedule must trigger first)
--timeout <seconds>Number of seconds for which the job is allowed to run before being terminated (3600 seconds by default)

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